Friday, October 31, 2008

Axis Three Launches Groundbreaking Surgical Simulation Software -- 'Portrait 3d', First Physics-Based Software for Breast Procedures

LOS ANGELES, Oct 31, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Axis Three, the leader and pioneer of surgical simulation tools for the cosmetic surgery industry, today announced the launch of the Portrait 3d software product, the first simulation software based on physics-driven tissue typing. It is the first product of its type ever to be launched for the cosmetic surgery marketplace.
"Portrait 3d is the culmination of five years of development and is based purely in science," said Jim Blumel, VP of US Operations. "It represents a major advancement in the 3D surgical simulation market and significantly propels Axis Three far ahead of any competing products by leaps and bounds." The product was recently profiled on the CBS show 'The Doctors'.
Like its XS-300 predecessor, Portrait 3d enables surgeons to visually communicate and collaborate on the outcomes of various breast procedures by using the patient's own image presented in photo-realistic 3d. For the first time ever, accurate volumetric and linear measurements can be taken from the patient's own 3d model, and the results of actual surgery can be simulated, measured, and viewed from all angles.
"Portrait 3d is the next generation of our simulation software," said Paul Moffett, Head of Technology. "It is the first product that incorporates tissue typing based on skin elasticity and parenchyma/glandular tissue firmness."
Portrait 3d also contains additional significant advancements including:
Implant Manufacturers Catalogues: A full range of accurate, digital versions of implants from the leading implant manufacturers are available for use within the simulations physics engine. This allows subtle differences between variants that are extremely hard to visualize with less advanced systems.
Lighting Engine: Accurate virtual shadowing can be calculated during the simulation, ensuring a 'true to life' rendering of the implant.
Multiple Comparative Views: Ultimate flexibility to display and compare all patient images and simulations.
Freehand Notation Tools: A series of virtual marker tools let notes and diagrams be drawn over the patient scan.
The response from women who have experienced the Portrait 3d during their surgical consultation has been overwhelmingly positive. A sample group of 350 patients surveyed illustrates the value of Portrait 3d to their surgical consultation:
-- 96% said it improved communication with their doctor
-- 94% said it reduced uncertainty about the surgery outcome
-- 89% said it helped select appropriate implant size
-- 94% said it enhanced their overall consultation experience
"After seeing the post-op simulation on their own body, patients feel much more comfortable and confident -- even more excited - about proceeding with the surgery," said Dr. Paul Zwiebel, a plastic surgeon in Denver, Colorado.
The Portrait 3d is now available throughout the United States, with service and support provided locally.
Axis Three will be exhibiting at the ASPS trade show in Chicago, Illinois on November 2-4, 2008. Anyone interested in seeing a demonstration of the system and learning more about its capabilities are invited to attend.
About Axis Three
Axis Three is the leader and pioneer of surgical simulation tools for the medical industry. Through an exclusive licensing agreement, Axis Three has integrated image capture technology developed by Siemens with its own proprietary software to create a powerful, flexible and intuitive platform that can be tailored to a variety of surgical needs. Axis Three has offices in Fairfield, Connecticut; New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Dallas Texas, and Belfast, Northern Ireland. For more information about Axis Three, please visit

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This sounds wonderful Dr. Fallek. I cannot wait to come in for a consultation. I have heard great things about you and hope my experience will be the same.

How does this software work with regards to breast reconstruction?