Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank you to all my patients for coming to our recent events. There was one conversation that I think it's important to share. One of my old patients showed up today after about 3 years. When I asked where she had been, she admitted she had been to another physician for Botox treatments because the other physician was cheaper. He was also according to his website, the number 1 cosmetic physician in Bergen county. I know all the plastic surgeons in Bergen county and am pretty familiar with many of the dermatologists in the area. I had never heard of this physician and I found out he is a family practice physician. My patient complained about his technique, his attempts to sell every procedure/product he had, and the exorbitant bill she still got at the end of the treatment. She told me she looked horrible the two times she came out of his office. Yes, she went back a second time. Moral of the story, plastic surgery is not like Wal-Mart. Cheaper is not always better even if you think it's the same product. She was fooled by the packaging and ended up getting an inferior product which in the end was even more costly. I appreciate your trust in me and as I see so many of you time and time again I hope that you feel comfortable referring your friends so that they may have the best experience possible.